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My Approach

Ask Bijoy is an organization that takes a solution-based approach towards psychological wellbeing. Combining the advanced techniques that years of research in psychology has contributed, with the ancient knowledge system of Vedas we have created a unique form of therapy, taking a holistic approach which does not separate psychological and spiritual growth. We assure you to provide significant insight that would help you with your relationship struggles, family dynamics, financial difficulties, career advancement and most importantly, building good self-esteem. 

Why astrology in counselling????

Astrology is an ancient system that uses our birth chart to create a deep insight about our individuality. It provides us irrefutable answers to the question of why we are the way we are. The planetary positions during our birth contributes towards our personality, temperament, mental health, emotional wellbeing and so much more; which is why no two siblings brought up by the same parents under the same living conditions have the same personality. Psychology has been fascinated by twin studies since the very beginning, and nature v/s nurture is a never-ending debate, which again reinforces the possibility of something greater being at work. Our birth charts work like our blueprint. Having access to it, creates better awareness, self-acceptance and helps in finding our purpose, which we are forever in search of.


Transformation through counselling

Why counselling??? For mental distress and emotions we take the help of family members’ or trusted friends who can help us understand or solve our life problem. But sometimes we need more, Sometimes we need the help of professionals, who knows how to handle the case and how to recognise your internal worth and examine the way you see yourself, to unlearn the bad habits and to relearn the new ones. With counsellors you can express your feelings in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment.

Not everyone will be able to feel the right way as you feel but as counsellors we have gone through many fields of minds and emotions.


Opening up with someone can reduce the burden of your thoughts.

When to take help of a counsellor

  • Always worried and don’t know what to do

  • When you cant find your solutions for your problem

  • When you are struck or feel trapped in a situation

  • If you want to change for good but nothing is working as you planned.

  • In case of confidentiality you can remain anonymous if you want, as long as you wish.

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