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Student Counceling

Student Counceling can be defined as a comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices.


During our sessions at compass clinical psychology services, we evaluate intellectual functioning, aptitude, career interests and personality traits of the clients along with one to one interview by a licensed clinical psychologist, and empower the clients to make an informed career choice.

College going Students/ Working Professionals who have already made a career decision need to work to attain the maximum results. A guide informs them of the best career opportunities and ways to do the best in the field they have chosen for themselves.


Generally, people end up taking the wrong paths in order to achieve their goals. Either they realize that the career option they have chosen isn’t meant for them, or it dawns upon them that the option they have chosen isn’t strong enough to keep them motivated or excited throughout their professional lives. As a result, they tend to rely on an expert’s advice, and that is where a guide steps in.

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